Car Park Barriers
Car Park Barriers
Car Park Barriers
The purpose of Barriers in single level or multi-storey car parks is to protect the car park edges and to restrain vehicles from breaching the car park perimeter. In a Car Park barriers, or edge restraints, have two primary important functions to fulfil:
• To provide both car park edge protection and vehicle edge restraint
• To provide protection and restraint for pedestrians, particularly children
In a car park even a low speed impact with a perimeter structure, or worse a pedestrian, can lead to expensive damage repair or serious injury. For raised single level car parks and on the upper or split levels in multi-storey car parks a vehicle driven off an edge or a pedestrian falling off an edge can have even more severe consequences.
A-Safe Car Park Barrier products are the perfect way to provide the restraint of both vehicles and pedestrians and to prevent damage or injury occurring in both single level and multi-storey car parks.
In car parks several different product design variations are required to meet the specific application needs and purpose of barriers installed in different locations within a car park. The adaptability of the A-Safe products also means they are suitable for use on all the barrier applications found in car park environments.
The impact height centre of the barrier and the availability of an anti-climb attachment pedestrian restraint system make the barrier products fully compliant with the requirements of current car park standards and regulations. 
Products and Applications
The products have been designed and developed to incorporate the flexibility needed to allow their use on the different individual barrier applications found in car park environments:
Car Park Barrier
Designed primarily to provide the required levels of edge protection and vehicle restraint and containment at the perimeters of single level or multi-storey car parks. Simple adaption of the standard product also makes it suitable to meet the requirements of barriers for use on Ramp Edge, Long Access Lane End and Split Level Deck Edge Protection applications also found in multi-storey car parks.
Car Park Barrier with Anti-climb Attachment
Barriers installed to provide edge protection in situations where there is a drop in excess of 380mm at the perimeter, for example in raised single level car parks, on upper and split deck levels in multi-storey car parks, and even sometimes on barriers installed on ground level applications Pedestrian Edge Protection Restraints are more often than not required.
Other A-Safe Products
A-Safe column protection products can be used for the protection of columns often present and vulnerable to vehicle impact in car park structures. A-Safe bollards are ideally suited to provide protection and identification of pedestrian entrance/exit and crossing points as well as providing additional protection at vehicle entrances and exits and for vehicle turning areas susceptible to damage. In car park areas which may be used by heavier vehicles needing access for delivery or maintenance purposes the A-Safe Double Rail Traffic Barrier can be used to provide a better protection solution.
The addition of the Anti-climb Attachment system to the standard Car Park barrier provides a product with a Pedestrian Edge Restraint system as required by the current applicable standards and regulations to prevent pedestrians, including children, form accidentally endangering themselves.
A-Safe Car Park Barrier Products provide a number of benefits to both car park operators and users:
• Are tested and certified to the impact loadings stated in the relevant British Standards, BS6180 and BS6399 Part 1
• Provide impact absorption properties that ensure that both the barrier and vehicle hitting it will suffer little or no damage.
• The standard yellow product colour provides high barrier visibility in underground or dimly lit car park areas whilst the alternative gray colour option provides an aesthetically pleasing product to fit in with a buildings structure whilst maintaining visibility.
• Suitable for internal and external use.
Customer Referral
“The principle decision to change the specification and buy A-Safe barriers was cost driven, however, the low maintenance and easy repair was also high on positive list.”
- Mr Stewart Bishop
Sir Robert McAlpine. Project Leader for the APCOA Multi Storey Car Park in Cardiff outside The Millennium Centre

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