Charging Unit Protection
Charging Unit Protection
A New Departure in Airport Safety
Safety of both personnel and equipment is, of course, essential at any airport and vehicle barriers play a vital role in this.
A-Safe vehicle barriers are ideally suited for airport applications, as they are made from polypropylene, so they are far more flexible and durable than conventional steel barriers. Hit them with a vehicle and they will simply spring back into shape, rather than bending or buckling, thus cutting maintenance costs by greatly reducing the need for damage repairs.
A-Safe make a range of product types taking in heavy duty double rail traffic barriers, bollards, pedestrian barriers and a purpose-designed barrier for damage prevention from tug trucks. They also effectively protect baggage halls, piers, charging units, floodlights, masts, buildings and general equipment, while providing efficient roadway segregation.
A-Safe offer many other benefits, as they exceed BAA loading standards by 6-9 times, their highly visible yellow colour is solid, so no repainting is required and they are fully recyclable with a much lower carbon footprint than steel. Hardly surprising then, that more and more leading airports including Heathrow, Gatwick and London City have already had A-Safe barriers installed.
A-Safe offers a comprehensive service including a site survey and tailor-made recommendations, full installation and maintenance package. A leasing option is also available to customers.

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