Pedestrian Segregation
Pedestrian Segregation
Pedestrian safety is vital in busy manufacturing and warehouse environments, as the close proximity of people and vehicles can all too often lead to accidents. Most of these accidents occur in situations where people simply wander from defined areas into the path of oncoming vehicles, rather than vice versa.
A-Safe barriers are the perfect solution to this problem, providing a durable barrier system made from a polymer-based material to physically prevent pedestrians straying from designated areas in a way that painted white lines simply cannot do. A-Safe barriers represent a vital long-term investment by contributing to that most valuable of all commodities – staff safety.
The A-Safe range has been developed for a wide number of applications including:
Pedestrian Segregation and Guidance
Pedestrian barriers effectively ensure real physical delineation of people and vehicles.
Walkway Segregation
Walkways are clearly marked out by Pedestrian Barriers for maximum safety.
Machinery Segregation
Handrail is ideally suited for situations where it is vital to protect people from dangerous machinery.
Fall and Edge Hazard Protection
Handrail can also prove vital around maintenance pits and in other environments where there is a danger of falling.
Vehicle and Pedestrian Access Points
Slide gates provide convenient vehicle access, while swing gates are designed for pedestrian access.
A-Safe offers many benefits:
Real segregation of pedestrians from traffic, machinery and other potential hazards.
A strong, yet lightweight barrier that effectively creates safe walk zones by clearly defining pedestrian pathways.
Black and yellow colours ensure high visibility, so people can see at a glance where they should and should not be.
A highly versatile product range designed to cover every application.
A-Safe provides far more than just a comprehensive range of safety products. We also offer a full consultation service, ensuring that you choose the right product for the right application. This is complemented by a full installation and maintenance package, with a leasing option available if required.

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