Corner Protection
Corner Protection

Atlas Triangle

Atlas Triangles are assembled from three 200mm OD, 1200mm high bollard corner posts with three Atlas Barrier fixed units fitted between the corner posts. Each Atlas Barrier fixed unit has an overall height of 760mm with two 200mm OD horizontal rails mounted on a central post. The assembled unit forms an equilateral triangle with side lengths of 1250mm. The triangle is anchored to its mounting surface, using the fixing bolts supplied with the product, at six points, the three corner posts and the three posts centrally located on each side. All six posts are fitted with 225mm OD rotating wear collars to provide enhanced impact and absorption properties and the two horizontal side rails have impact height centres of 310 and 660mm.

The Triangles are normally supplied with side lengths of 1250mm but if required this can be altered to suit a specific application. The unit can also be supplied with 760mm high bollard corner posts if necessary.


Applications and Benefits

The Atlas Barrier Triangles provide heavy duty impact protection and were designed primarily for protection of Baggage Hall entrance and exit doorways by funnelling vehicles through the doorway opening.

They can also be used at intersections on internal and external traffic routes to guide vehicles in a required direction or to guide vehicles around and away from ground mounted objects or equipment. Like all A-Safe products they are designed to be easily and quickly installed and to remove or reduce impact damage and its’ associated maintenance and repair replacement costs.

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