Door Protection
Door Protection


Bollards are used in many different environments to fulfil many different purposes. They are used extensively in industrial, commercial, public and leisure and Car Park surroundings. They are usually used to protect structures, provide access prevention or vehicle or pedestrian guidance. They can be installed in situations where they need to protect against impact, prevent impact damage or in situations where they simply need to provide a physical presence for access or guidance control.


A-Safe bollards are the ideal products for use in any of these situations. The bollards are available in different section sizes and heights to suit differing impact prevention or size requirements, are durable and not affected by environmental conditions. Manufactured from polymer based materials they offer impact resistance if required, damage removal or reduction and flexibility that are simply not found in rigid metal or concrete barriers.



The A- Safe bollard range was designed and developed for a wide variety of applications in different environments including:


Doorway Entrance and Exit Protection and Designation

Bollards ensure edge damage protection both inside and outside on vehicle access doorways and due to their high visibility clearly indicate entrance and exit points for pedestrian access.


Pedestrian Crossing Point Designation

Crossing points for traffic or other routes are clearly identified for pedestrian guidance and safety.


Structure Protection

For structural items such as wall corners or columns, bollards provide an ideal method of guidance for vehicles together with prevention of possible traffic impact damage.


Machinery Protection

Bollards provide a simple and effective method of preventing vehicles causing damage to expensive production machinery or conveying systems.


Access Prevention and Guidance

Whether bolt down or cast in, bollards provide an easy solution for vehicle access prevention or pedestrian guidance.


A-Safe Bollard Products offer many benefits:


Damage removal or reduction. To what the bollard is protecting, to the object hitting the barrier or to the bollard itself.

Highly visible so vehicle drivers and pedestrians can easily spot where they are allowed or not allowed to go.

Provide high impact resistance in situations where vehicle are present.

Where used in pedestrian areas for guidance or access prevention they provide a smooth surface and forgiveness to knocks, scrapes and bumps that are both ‘people friendly.

Customer Referral

“The reason we chose A-Safe bollards was because of price, ease of fitting and visibility & durability”

Paul Birkett, Senior Facilities Manager

Vita Lend Lease, Bluewater Shopping Centre

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