Wall Protectors
Wall Protectors

Light Vehicle/Wall Protection

In areas where vehicles are mainly propelled by hand or are powered and operated by pedestrians, impacts with walls, structural surfaces, machinery or goods can occur. Such impacts are unlikely to cause severe damage but can cause damage to cladding or covering materials, leave dents in surfaces, leave scratches or scuff marks on surfaces, cause equipment to break down or require replacement of stock. These impacts still have an associated repair or replacement cost, however small, which over a period of time in a large, busy facility like a warehouse area for replacement of retail stock or a building with many corridors such as hospitals can add significant amounts to maintenance and repair costs. 

The A-Safe Light Vehicle/Wall Protection range of products has been designed and developed to specifically provide damage protection in such situations. The products provide protection to different height levels to suit the varying types of hand operated vehicles in the many different surroundings in which they may be found.

There are four light duty product types in the range. A square section Vehicle Kerb for ground level installation, a small rail diameter Micro Barrier 84 post and rail product, the more substantial larger rail diameter Micro Barrier 125 product available as single or double rail versions and a wall or surface mounted Wall Buffer 75 product for protection at higher levels.


Products and Applications

The product range has been designed and developed for a variety of applications in different environments:

Vehicle Kerb

Designed primarily to keep low level vehicles such as hand propelled trolleys, hand operated pallet trucks and pedestrian operated powered pallet trucks and their loads in warehouse and  manufacturing facilities on a required traffic route and at a distance far enough away from surfaces, machinery or goods to prevent damage occurring.   

Micro Barrier 84

Intended for similar uses and applications as the Vehicle Kerb but in areas where vehicles are limited to hand propelled trolleys and hand operated pallet trucks. The height and width of the barrier allow it to provide protection for corridor sides in light manufacturing and hospital environments     

Micro Barrier 125

The increased rail diameter on the 125 Micro Barrier means this product will provide protection against higher impact forces. It can be used for the same applications as the Micro Barrier 84 but in addition is suitable for use in applications and areas where Pedestrian operated powered pallet trucks are present   

Wall Buffer 75

A wall-mounted buffer rail to provide protection against impacts at higher levels from taller hand propelled items such as multi-shelved goods trolleys or hospital patient trolleys and from load vehicles to suit the load height of the vehicle. 


A-Safe products for Light Vehicle/Wall Protection provide a number of benefits:


Are designed to be space efficient and to occupy as small a surface area footprint as possible for their intended use as, in many instances, there are space or width limitations areas or locations where the products are used.

A cost effective solution for maintaining the appearance of structures and surfaces by keeping them free from unsightly signs of impact damage such as scuff or scrape marks, scratching, dents or other indications of unrepaired physical damage.

Are easily cleaned to remove any signs of impact should it occur.

Suitable for internal and external use.

 Customer Referral

“The benefit of A-Safe is that if a vehicle does hit the barrier (or product) we know that nine times out of ten the barrier (or product) will not be damaged and will continue to provide high protection, thanks to the highly resilient nature of the product.”

Mike Hayes, Depot Manager, Swansea First Great Western

A-Safe provides far more than just a comprehensive rang of safety products. We also offer a full consultation service, ensuring that you choose the right product for the right application. This is complemented by a full installation and maintenance package, with a leasing option available if required.

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