Aqua Gen system
Aqua Gen system

Aqua-Gen is a system that eliminates water support necessity of batteries –which is normally essential- and that is worldwide manufactured by Hoppecke only.
The functional principle:
Water is separated in its elemental structures during electrolyze which spread to the environment as oxygen and hydrogen. Thus a certain water loss occurs at batteries. The battery will loose its function if these water losses are not balanced regularly.
The Aqua-Gen system reunites the hydrogen exiting from the battery with oxygen. It is designed to obtain distilled water in this way and to compensate decreasing water automatically.

The advantages may be summarized as follows:

  • No need of water support 
  • No flammable gas leakages
  • Accumulation of acids and other materials which may enter the environment and thus establishment of safety
  • Isolation of flames from reaching protection cover in case of ignition of flammable gases
  • No need of powerful ventilating system for batteries’ protection under consideration of these circumstances

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