Monofaze Prepayment Meter
Monofaze Prepayment Meter
Monofaze Prepayment Meter
  Symbol Unit Value
Rated Voltage Un V 230, 115
Voltage Variation   ± Un % 20
Frequency Fo Hz 50,60
Base Current Ib A 5,10,20
Max. Current I max A 50,60,70,80
Accuracy Class 
Self Consumption      
Voltage Circuti   W 2
Current Circuti   VA 10
AC Withstand Voltage   V 2000
Impulse Withstand Voltage   V 6000
Material of Base     ABS
Material of Cover     ABS+Polycarbonate
Terminal Block Hole Diameter   mm 8,5
Wire Cross Section Area   mm² 25
Material of Terminal Block     Nylon 66 with Flame Reterded Additive
Material of Terminal Block Cover     Polycarbonate
Display     LCD, 8 Digits
Interface Unit     Smart Card
Number of Tariff Periods     >=4
Time Deviation   sec/day ±0.5
Backup Unit     Lithium
Shelf Life   years 10
Operation Life   years 10
Degree of Protection     IP 51 Indoor IP 54 outdoor(IEC 60529)
Operating Tempreture Range   °C -25/+55,-40/+70
Reference Standarts     IEC 62053-21
Related Standarts     IEC 62054-21,IEC 62054-21
Non Volatile Memory Retention Time   years >20

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