Bagaj Yolu Bariyerleri
Bagaj Yolu Bariyerleri
Atlas Barrier
Maximum safety is, of course, vital at every airport but this must be balanced with effective cost savings, especially in today’s economic climate.
The A-Safe range of Atlas Airport Barriers has been designed to provide both these benefits and much more besides. The secret of their success is the polymer-based material they are constructed from, which makes them far more flexible and durable than ordinairy steel barriers. If they are hit by tug trucks or other vehicles, their built-in memory ensures that they spring back into shape, instead of bending or buckling. Generally the Atlas Barrier products are used on both internal and external airside airport applications but can also be used on landside applications where required.  
Airside equipment at airports is often expensive to purchase and install as well as critical to the airport functioning correctly and safely during operational hours. Damage to or accidents involving airside equipment can cause both equipment damage or physical injury, or both, all of which can prove to be expensive in terms of rectification repair, replacement and other associated maintenance costs. At worst it could lead to an interruption in airport operation and the resulting delays, confusion, frustration and added costs this causes.
Landside safety at airports is equally important. Although unlikely to be as disruptive or costly as airside incidents, landside incidents in a busy airport environment can still have serious implications in terms of equipment damage, structural damage and personal injury. The costs incurred in correction and rectification of landside accidents and damage still puts an added burden on maintenance and repair budgets.
The unrivalled level of protection offered by the products in the A-Safe Atlas Barrier range makes them an ideal solution for use in situations where vulnerable airport equipment or structures need effective and reliable protection against impact damage. The end result of using A-Safe Atlas Barriers is a large-scale saving in maintenance and downtime as damage repairs and equipment or item replacement are cut to a minimum.
Some airport applications, generally landside, call for the use of other products In the A-Safe product range to offer important safety protection for airport users, personnel and structures in often busy airport areas away from airside operations. 
Atlas Barrier products are used on both internal and external airport applications.
Internal Applications
Door Protection
Atlas Barrier units provide doorway protection and vehicle guidance on the traffic flow side of entrance and exit doorways.
Baggage Handling Equipment Protection
Atlas Barriers ensure that all baggage handling equipment is effectively and adequately protected form impact damage by airport vehicles.
Traffic Segregation
Atlas Barriers provide effective guidance for airport vehicle operating in airport baggage halls
Other Products
A-Safe Bollards provide doorway protection on the non-traffic flow side of entrance and exit doorways.
A-Safe Pedestrian Barriers and Access Gates provide delineation between people and vehicle. A-Safe Signboards fitted to these barriers allow safety signs and other safety notices to be prominently displayed.
A-Safe Bollard Style Column Protectors provide an efficient guard against impact damage to columns in all areas of an airport.
A-Safe Traffic Barriers are used to protect walls and structures from vehicle impacts.
External Applications
Floodlight and Column Protection
Atlas Barrier units provide impact protection for vulnerable airside floodlight columns, masts and columns.
Pier and Charging Station Protection
Atlas Barriers prevent damage to pier supports and vehicle charging units that can be caused by airport vehicles.
Other Products
A-Safe Bollards provide doorway protection on the non-traffic flow side of entrance and exit doorways.
A-Safe Pedestrian Barriers and Access Gates provide guidance and walkways for Pedestrians in all airside areas.
A-Safe Car Park Barriers are used in airport car parking areas to provide the protection required for pedestrians, vehicles and the car park structures.
A-Safe Atlas Barrier Products offer many benefits:
Their inherent flexibility ensures the high level of protection required from impacts that can be imparted by airport vehicles and also means that the floor surface to which the barriers are anchored is less likely to be damaged.
Coloured yellow (which is solid all the way through the barrier) they are highly visible and never need repainting.
They are fully recyclable and have a much lower carbon footprint than steel barriers.
A multifaceted product service is offered including site surveys and bespoke protection recommendations, CAD design and custom-built product manufacture with comprehensive product installation and maintenance packages to ensure that Atlas Barrier products are tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual airport where they are used.
A-Safe provides far more than just a comprehensive range of safety products. We also offer a full consultation service, ensuring that you choose the right product for the right application. This is complemented by a full installation and maintenance package, with a leasing option available if required.

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