Yaya Yolu Bariyerleri
Yaya Yolu Bariyerleri
Pedestrian Barrier
Pedestrian Barriers are the most popular product in the pedestrian segregation range. The standard version comprises a reasonable heavy duty post and 3 rails with standard post centres of 1.5m and height of 1.1m. This fully module system can be made up to suit your needs and examples include special lengths, corners, T posts etc. Other versions of pedestrian barrier have included 1 rail, 4 rail and 8 rail versions.
Applications and Benefits
This is a robust product in the pedestrian segregation range and is designed to segregate pedestrians from traffic, machinery and potential hazards. This product clearly marks out areas for walkways, equipment, guidance and building organisation. Used in warehousing, manufacturing, airports, maintenance pit protection and around any relevant building inside or out. Extras such as swing gates, slide gates, sign boards and kick plates are easily added.

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