Honorable Turan Bayoglu  ( 1939 Siirt  – 2011 İzmir  )


Turan Bayoglu was born in 1939 in Siirt. He graduated from Ankara Kimya Sanat College. In 1954, He took up a position in Turkey Petroleum Batman Refinery. In 1970, he was appointed to İzmir Refinery and he provided service as a shift boss in Tüpraş Inc. until he retired in 1988.


In 1996, Turan Bayoglu established Indeks Inc. as a family corporation. His wife is Nejla Bayoğlu, his eldest son is Mahmut Can Bayoğlu, his daughter is Evren Bayoglu and Özgür Cem Bayoglu is his youngest son.


The rules eastablished by Hon. Turan Bayoglu and his humanity and toleration towards people have a great importance in business accomplishment for Indeks Inc. which started business in 20 m2 room.

Hon. Turan Bayoglu contracted a serious disease in 24.02.2011 and lost his life in İzmir.

Today Indeks Inc. and his Family carry on the path of Hon. Turan Bayoğlu by protecting his values without forgetting him and his grief