Single-drum hydrostatic vibratory roller
·Meet requirements of top customers and foreign markets with high configuration and high performance.
·Ease of operation
·Comfortable & spacious cab
·Excellent visibility in all directions
·High compaction performance
·Less service & maintenance

Operator friendly
Wide view; CE certified cabin Ergonomic internal cab design Simple,portable and flexible control lever
·Portable and simple drive control structure reduces the driver’s labor strength to a maximum exten.
·Emergency button is located at the optimal position to cope with unexpected change conditions.
·Other control buttons are portable and convenient.

Comfortable control environment
·Simple and clear control panel of air conditioner,heating and cooling air conditioner is fitted.
·Good accelerator control position,easy and convenient operation.
·The instrument panel with complete display functions is fully in the driver' s master.
·The steering column can be swung forward and backward.

Efficiency and reliability
·Low oil consumption,turbocharger water-cooling,low noise.

·Three-stage air filtration with primary filter can effectively improve engine life.The primary filter with clear symbol can be quickly cleaned and is suitable for working at the desert.
·Quick-opening front-turnover rear hood.
·Optional drum with dismountable Pad foot.
·Optional drum with welded Pad foot.
·Adjust drums; weight; fit for working in desert conditions.
·compact apparatus.

Quick and convenient routine maintenance
·Maintenance and repair for hydraulic system and diesel engine can quickly be conducted with quick opening hood.
·Quick-change hydraulic oil filter.
·Quick-change engine oil filter.
·Convenient maintenance pipes.

 IND SDR 120
 Operating Weight : 12000kg
 Rated Power : 108kw
 Static linear pressure : 317N/cm
 Drum/tire load : 6900/5100kg

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