Garbage Compacting System
Garbage Compacting System

Waste is an important income source:


Waste is considered to be worthless in our time. Actually it is a very important source. Important investments and studies are carried out in order to gain sources all over the world. Important investments and studies are also necessary for gathering the source called waste.

The source that is called waste contains raw materials like:

* wood
* iron
* plastics
* paper

After these raw materials are separated and taken from waste, the remaining garbage is used as fertilizer or for obtaining electrical energy. This system’s working principle is explained below.
Waste ………> Transferring Centre…….> Separating Centre ……… > Raw Material

Garbage is classified e.g. as household waste, industrial waste, chemical waste, agricultural waste. This is important for calculating the waste’s specific weight. The weight of the waste which was delivered does not equal to the net weight. Accordingly to the type of the waste, the amount of liquids contained can be calculated. Thus the volume of the waste containers to be chosen and manufactured can be established, too.

Waste is collected by means of garbage trucks and delivered to transferring stations which are equipped with special compacting facilities that squeeze the garbage and press any liquids out of it. The advantage of compacting is that an amount of waste delivered by approximately 10 garbage trucks (accordingly to the waste’s type) can be minimized to the volume of several containers and afterwards sent to separating stations.

Compacted and liquid-free waste is handled as follows within the separating stations:

1. The squeezed waste is opened again by a special machine.
2. The opened waste is assorted by special conveyors accordingly to whether its consisting of plastics, iron, paper or woods and afterwards stored.
3. The remaining garbage is transformed into fertilizer by means of chemical systems and special devices.

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