About Traction Batteries
About Traction Batteries

These batteries are manufactured in a suitable way for forklifts or other work machines with electrical motors.

Batteries with traction type cells are structured simply out of positive lead tubes and negative lead plates. These plates are located within an acid and the occurring chemical reaction generates electrical energy.

Traction type battery groups are established by serial connected cells of 2V and various Ampere values –which can be seen on the side- within a steel case.

 To obtain long-life-usage and high performance of traction type batteries the below mentioned subjects should be respected;

 * A correct determination should be carried out before buying a battery. The usage of a battery which does not fit to your machine will shorten the life and daily usage duration of your battery.

 * During batteries’ transportation correct apparatuses have to be used.

 * A battery has to be recharged by means of a correctly chosen recharge rectifier.

 * Standard traction type batteries should be serial connected when reaching 20 percent of their capacity and recharged fully. Otherwise  Indeks advises its customers to obtain specially manufactured traction type batteries which can be discharged and recharged whenever you  want.

 * Please open cell covers and control acid level before connecting battery for recharging. If acid level is sunk below a certain level where lead plates can be seen you have to add distilled water only until the lead plates are covered again.

 * Addition of distilled water in a sufficient amount to the battery group should be carried out after full recharging. Otherwise overflow will occur during recharging and battery group will be damaged.

 * Only distilled water should be added to the battery group. The battery group should be protected against foreign particles.

 * Standard type batteries are designed for eight hours usage. They should be connected to the recharge rectifier at least eight (8) and not more than fourteen (14) hours to the recharge rectifier.

* Traction type batteries consist of 2V compartments which are connected to each other by means of special wiring and screws. These connections have to be checked in certain intervals. Loosen screws have to be tightened. Indeks A.S. uses specially manufactured components for all kinds of connections (wiring, sockets, screws...). Damages coming into existence should be communicated immediately. The damaged battery group shouldn’t be used.

* Batteries’ maintenance should be carried out within the intervals and accordingly to the methods determined by Indeks A.S. Traction type batteries have long lives. Despite damages will be unavoidable as result of wrong usage.

*** The explanations on this page are for information only and may differ between various battery group types. The manual which is provided together with the battery group you purchased will be principal for battery usage.

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