IND LY 137
IND LY 137

·Semi automatic power shift gearbox and KD function for faster response time.
·High drive speeds with 4 forward and 3 reverse gears with a maximal speed can reach 38 km/h
·Responsive and accurate hand control with a single joy stick with integrated KD function
·Double—brake pedals simplify simultaneous driving and mechanical operations
·Fast cycle times
·Automatic load leveling system prevents spillage during lifting
·Forward-and-reverse fan motor cooling system.operator  can remove the dust on the surface of the evaporator conveniently by using the converse direction of the fan

·Vehicle has a strong flexible frame that will withstand load and torsion stresses in all manner of operating conditions.
·8 bar linkage operating device.
·Key components frOm world class suppliers.
·Warranty and service programs available.

·Fuel efficient electronic engine.
·Torque converter is matched to the engine to ensure maximum power transfer.
·Hydraulics employ a dual—pump system and converging and self-unloading function to reduce energy loss.
·Air pre-cleaner filter system improves overall engine efficiency in dusty conditions and lengths service life of main air filter system.

Operator Friendly
·Large luxurious insulated cab sits on hydraulic shock absorbing mounts
·Powerful air—conditioning system maintains air temperature within the
  cab at a comfortable level selected by the operator
·Adjustable steering column and chair for operator comfort

 IND LY 137
 Bucket Capacity : 2.3m3
 Rated Load : 4000kg
 Rated Power : 123kw
 Operating Weight : 13700kg


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