IND WP 104
IND WP 104

*Ample space in nacelle for ergonomically optimised and reliable service
*Hub easily accessible in all weathers without having to leave the nacelle
*Excellent accessibility of all components
*Guards mounted over all rotating components ensure safe servicing
*If necessary, the unit can be easily and safely dismantled as drive train components are flange-mounted and the electric connections are equipped with plug-type connectors
*Easy handling of heavy components due to sturdy folding crane located in the nacelle
*Permanent status monitoring and reliable early detection system combined with optimised maintenance Schedule based on conditior monitoring system
*Helicopter abseil platform for offshore installations ensure accessibility to the unit even in adverse weather conditions.


*No leakage of lubricants at hu bor nacelle, due to:
-labyrinth packing in a spinner
-grease and oil collecting pans integrated in nacelle
-coaming edges in nacelle panelling and
*Oil pan below azimuth gearing
*Closed central lubrication system of blade bearings
*Shielding of all relevant cables to protect workers and machine


Pitch System
*Virtually maintenance-free electronic system
*High-quality, generously dismentioned blade bearing with permenant track lubrication
*Protected against the elements by means integrated deflector in the spinner
*Maximum reliability via redundant blade angle detection by means of two separate  measuring systems 
*Fail-safe design with separate control and regulation systems for each rotor blade


Power Rail
*Prevention of electrical interference in the plant 
*Compliance with VDE regulations 
*Best possible protection in the event of a short circuit or fire 


Rotor bearing and shaft
*High-performance spherical roller bearing with adjusted bearing housing and permanent lubrication for prolonged service life 
*Rotor shaft forged from heat-treated steel and optimised for power flow 


Gear system
*Combined planetary/spur wheel gearbox 
*Dimensioned according to REpower gear regulations, meeting the most stringent requirements regarding service life and smooth running 
*Optimised efficiency 
*Elastomer bearing of torque multiplier for structure-borne sound insulation 
*Low temperature level due to effective oil cooling system 
*Excellent oil quality due to three-stage oil filter system 


Generator and converter
*Yield-optimised variable speed range 
*Low conversion loss and high total efficiency as converter output is limited to maximum 20% of the overall output 
*Fully enclosed generator with air/air heat exchanger 
*Optimised temperature level in generator, even at high outside temperatures 
*Water cooled converter for optimised cooling


*Externally geared four-point bearing, driven by generously dimensioned high-quality gear motors 
*Holding brakes with fail-safe function implemented with hydraulic pressure accumulator release the drives in idle mode and stabilise the nacelle 
*Minimum load on drives due to low friction at four-point bearing and release of brakes during tracking 

Lightning protection
*Lightning protection concept conforming to IEC regulations with internal and external lightning protection 
*External lightning protection system with blade receptors and lightning rod at the weather mast 
*Reliable protection of bearings due to defined lightning conduits 
*GFC coupling for the galvanic insulation of the generator system from the gear system 
*Over-voltage arrester protecting the electric system 
*Reliable protection of the generator by means of insulated bearing bushings


Tube tower
*Characteristic frequency of the tower is above rotating frequency of the rotor (rigid design) and ensures minimum stress in tower and machine 
*No restrictions regarding speed range of unit, as there is no risk of frequency interference 
*Excellent component safety due to elbow flanges and load-optimised door opening

*Technical Data


Rated Power
Rotor Diameter
Hub Heights
Power Control
Rotor Speed
IND WP 104
3.300 KW
104.0 m
78-80 / 96.5-100 m
Pitch (electrical)
7.1–13.8 rpm
(+16 %)

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