IND WP 126
IND WP 126

The Indeks WP 126 is representative of the successful transfer of our internationally renowned technology in a new dimension. The many innovative solutions in specific design detail demonstrate again our technical leadership. With a rated power of 5 megawatt and a rotor diameter of 126 metres, the 5M is one of the largest and most powerful wind turbines in the world. The WP 5 sets new standards for the economic viability of wind farms, especially in offshore installations.


Wind farms with turbines of this size achieve outputs similar to conventional power plants. This in turn puts high demands on the control and regulation system because optimised integration into the power grid is essential. In the wp 126, Indeks has once again shown how compatibility with the electricity grid can be optimised. The WP 125 can be integrated without difficulty into the grid, just as any other power plant of its size.
Due to its modular structure and logistical flexibility, the WP 126 is suitable for onshore and offshore installation. The offshore version is specifically designed to withstand the conditions of the high seas. This includes for example redundancy of key components to guarantee maximum availability, effective protection against corrosion and permanent monitoring.
Our comprehensive and efficient service ensures reliable and cost-effective operation of the 5M over its entire service life.


*No leakage of lubricants at hu bor nacelle, due to:
-labyrinth packing in a spinner
-grease and oil collecting pans integrated in nacelle
-coaming edges in nacelle panelling and
*Oil pan below azimuth gearing
*Closed central lubrication system of blade bearings
*Shielding of all relevant cables to protect workers and machine


*Ample space in nacelle for ergonomically optimised and reliable service
*Hub easily accessible in all weathers without having to leave the nacelle
*Excellent accessibility of all components
*Guards mounted over all rotating components ensure safe servicing
*If necessary, the unit can be easily and safely dismantled as drive train components are flange-mounted and the electric connections are equipped with plug-type connectors
*Easy handling of heavy components due to sturdy folding crane located in the nacelle
*Permanent status monitoring and reliable early detection system combined with optimised maintenance Schedule based on conditior monitoring system
*Helicopter abseil platform for offshore installations ensure accessibility to the unit even in adverse weather conditions.


Elektrical System:
*Optimised integration of the complete system into the nacelle
*Reliable protection against humidity and salt
*Low transmission loss as components are located close to eachother
*Components mounted on elastomer bearings, reducing structure borne sound and vibration


Fire Protection:
*Fully automated fire protection system with smoke and CO senors in the nacelle, the switch cabinets and the transformer room
*Automatic fire extinguishing equipment protecting the mechanical and electrical components
*CO2 and ABS fire extinguishers for manual fire-fighting in the tower and nacelle

Tube Tower:
*Characteristic frequency of the tower is above rotating frequency of the rotor (rigid design) and ensures minimum stres in tower and machine.
*No restrictions regarding speed range of unit, as there is no risk of frequency interference
*Excellent component safety due to elbow flanges and load-optimised door opening


Corrosion prevention:
*Highly effective additional coating of the tower and foundation area
*Protected installation of all electrical components in nacelle
*Cooling and ventilation of components through heat exchangers
*No intake of humid or salty air into the nacelle


Rotor blade:
*Load-optimised GFC/CFC construction with epoxy
*Lightining protection with multi-receptor system, including drain receptor in the blade tip
*Optional temperature, load and blade status monitoring system

*Technical Data


Rated Power
Rotor Diameter
Hub Heights
Power Control
Rotor Speed
IND WP 126
5 MW
126,0 m
100–120 m Onshore
90–100 m Offshore
Pitch (electrical)
6,9–12,1 1/min

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